I came back to write more.

I’ve laid in bed for three hours and not moved once. It’s rained most of the day but we had a small amount of sunshine at the end of the day. I saw the sun set as the room gradually got darker by the minute.

I’ve got post-party depression. I was at a free concert (as long as you claimed the free ticket online) and had a great time. I didn’t know too many of the songs the headliners played, but went because it was a day out to be with great people.

I spent $40-ish on drinks for the day and $5 on food. But I also got a few free drinks from people who got a cigarette off me.

[Pro tip for concerts: bring a pack of unopened (most venues will make you throw out open packs) Marlboros and a lighter with you, even if you don’t really smoke. You’ll meet some really cool people and at times will get trades. A guy offered me some stuff, but I declined because my job tests. Still gave him a cigarette though because he offered.]

The nice thing is that this radio station offers at least five of these shows a year and they’re always great. Even greater if you know people and bring your friends. I think the next one is May or June. Can’t wait.



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