End of the year wrap up.

It’s been a week of partying to finish out the week. I had a half day on 22 Dec and don’t go back until 3 Jan. There’s been quite a bit of drinking to accompany the partying. I typically don’t drink a whole lot anymore but I allow it two weeks a year (the week of my birthday, and the week between Christmas and New Years).

When I drink, I reminisce. It’s both good and bad. It allows me to reflect on things that happened during the year. I thought I’d write them out. So here’s a timeline of this year through the good and bad.

Early January: I get my very first New Years kiss by my high school crush and at the time girlfriend. I’m ecstatic at this point. I’m also in love at that moment.

Late January: “She” becomes a little odd. She seems like she’s hiding something. We go to a concert and she doesn’t enjoy herself. I drop her back off at her dorm and she abruptly gets out of the car. It’s our last time out as a couple.

Early February: I see a guy too close to “her” in a Snapchat story. I call her out on it. She admits she’s been cheating on me with several guys. We break up.

Late February: I contemplate dropping out of the university to collect myself and to become composed again (I skip a few classes, but don’t drop out).

March: I go back to my job during spring break and finalize my summer internship schedule.

April: I regularly hang out with the guys (Chris, Levi, and Joe) at a grocery store’s beer garden after Thursday night Finance classes.

Early May: I finish the semester with 5 A’s and a C.

Mid May: I start at my internship three days a week and take an online class for my internship credits.

Mid June: I go to two concerts on Fathers Day with Chris. The first one is sponsored by a local radio station. The second is U2 with Lumineers opening. Unplanned, we meet up with Chris’ dad who also had general admission tickets.

Late June: I go to my cousin’s birthday party and hang out with my cousin’s nephew. He brings tequila. I take one too many shots with him under the deck and have no memory of coming home that night.

Late July: I celebrate my birthday at the beach. I get both my ears pierced with temporary studs.

Early August: I start taking the train to work and no longer carpool.

Late August: I start my final semester at the university.

Mid September: I go to a wedding at a very expensive country club and drink too many Captain and Cokes. I hang out with my gay cousin for the night and have the best night I have in a while.

Late September: I go to the beach again and meet up with family friends. Oktoberfest is being held on the pier and I spend most of the night there.

Early October: I reach my 640th hour for my internship requirement. My employer has to now decide whether they want to bring me on board full time or not.

Early November: I hear back from HR and they offer me a full time job. I accept. I also get a haircut as part of a mutual agreement.

Mid November: I attend my first job conference.

Early December: I finish my final semester with a 3.78 GPA.

Mid December: In the same week, I start my job full time and graduate. I have to take a day off to graduate. I graduate with a 3.47 cumulative GPA.

Late December: I cycle my 85,000th mile on a chilly afternoon.

It was one hell of a rollercoaster of a year but I made it out a better, stronger person and learned a lot of bitter lessons. I was happy that I learned them early on and did not invest more than I had. She could have made me broke and more miserable had it all kept lingering.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2018.





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