I only have one more week of classes until I graduate and go out to the working world full time. I actually go full time on the same week that I graduate and have to take a day off just to graduate.

It’s been a fun ride at Penn State. I’ve had a great time in the second half that I was there. The first year, I was not happy. I had no real connections in the first year. For the most part, I was a loner. I couldn’t find people that I liked and I think that made my experience unsatisfactory to the point I wanted to transfer to what would have been my third college.

When I started my fourth semester at Penn State, I started talking to my friend Chris. He really got me through some hard times after I broke up with my cheating ex. We had a finance class together in the spring and he introduced me to his friend, Joe and Joe’s friend Levi. Finance would end at like 8 on Thursday night and the four of us would go out for drinks afterward. We got close by the end of the semester.

When the fall came, we didn’t have a class with Joe. Joe also works two jobs and a side hustle and because of that he doesn’t have time for us.. so we kind of lost Joe.

Chris is in three bands and plays gigs regularly. Sometimes on weeknights. He gets back so late sometimes that he skips class the next morning.

Most times, it’s just Levi and myself. We have two classes together and work on a group project together too.  He usually goes to the gym between classes and in the afternoon we sometimes go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

I’m going to miss the guys. We already have set up plans to hang out on New Years in some capacity.  I’m excited for that and excited to move on in my working career.


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