I check on her on occasion.

I broke up with my ex a little over eight months ago and haven’t talked to her in seven months. I have blocked her on every social media platform except Twitter for a very specific reason.

It links to her VSCO.

Every once in a while, I check her VSCO to see if she’s alright and if she’s changed since we broke up. She’s still with the same guy and smoking pot and constantly photographing it, so that’s nice to see. She’s also still twerking too.

I also never blocked her number. It’s no longer in my contacts, but if she ever did contact me I would receive it.

Seeing stuff like that makes me feel better about things. Mostly because I know I’m not missing out. I’m not about smoking pot and going to parties in suspicious parts of the city. I’m more of the work professionally 7-3 and exercise at night and then have a little fun on the weekends kind of person.

My friends say that I have a case of the “on-set adult”, and they’re right. I want to make money and be successful and those were two things she never appeared to want to do. As the adult I’ve grown into, I now realize she was holding me back and in some ways I’m thankful she cheated on me because it was how I broke free and never looked back.



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