Forced change.

I have always been known for having a great head of hair. My light brown and sun bleached blond hair has had a reputation of its own for many years. Until I was twenty-one, I had surfer hair that was shoulder length. It was rarely combed and definitely had the sun damaged look to it. It matched my carefree personality.

I cut it off about fourteen months ago. I went short. My new hairstyle got nicknamed the “Rachel Maddow” by friends. It didn’t matter. I loved the style. But, soon after that I noticed something. I’d see many strands of hair in the shower drain. My hair was falling out.

Months passed and I was still in denial. More fell out but it was only on the top. I combed over it the best I could. But, as I saw it falling out I felt that I could no longer rock the surfer look that had been my image.

Last month when my parents were getting their haircut, I scheduled an appointment with a woman named Lisa who had been my stylist since I was about twelve and got haircuts frequently.

Tonight was the appointment. I had explained to her that I was getting my haircut because my hair was thinning. She showed no interest. She asked what kind of style I wanted. I told her I wanted a longer top (to hide my lack of hair) and shorter sides but not that trendy look that’s been going around. So, she cut it and did a nice job. She also said she noticed that I’m growing longer curls that she never noticed before. For the lack of hair on top it turned out great.

This is the beginning of an all around change for me. When I go away for a little bit I plan on getting my ears pierced and getting CBRs. If I can’t have long hair anymore, I’m going to go with a new style.

Here’s my before and after from tonight



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