Modern hippie.

The one thing that my dad and my boss can agree on is that I come off as a modern hippie and I agree with them.

I’ve been free spirited most of my adult life and abandoned the super serious persona that I had growing up. That part of my life is long gone and I’m glad it’s gone. I never had fun during that time in my life and it sucked.

I was having this talk with my boss a few days ago and he was like “you remind me of a modern hippie in a good way”. He talked about my personality and attitude and said that it was a welcomed addition to the office. He also talked about how other departments kept getting uptight interns who would never joke around or try to be funny and that it would bring the environment down. He asked me to stay the way I am because it meshes well with the rest of the sector.

My dad also concurs with what he said and sees that very much. He knows more about me than I ever post here or talk about. So between what he knows personally and what I display here, he says that I remind him very much of the guys he went to college with in the late ’60s into the early ’70s. The only difference is that I actually have a professional job and don’t bum around.

I embrace the modern hippie vibe. It makes me happy and it makes other people happy. That’s the best anyone could ever ask for.


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