I woke up around 7:30 to get out to ride before 8 so that I could get to Pottsville early enough in the afternoon. 8 am cycling sessions are very much old parts of my cycling past. I typically don’t go out until 9:30 or 10 on the weekends anymore just because I don’t feel like riding sooner than that. I sleep in a lot more than I had in the past. I heard my parents go out so I thought I might as well get up. I was kind of tired and felt a little hungover. I was watching episodes of The Mick on Hulu until like 2 am. Plans bailed, so I was like “I’ll just have fun without them”.

For a week or two, I had planned on going up to Pottsville for the day. Visit the family, get a case of Yuengling, reminisce, kind of just go around the city and play a little bit of Pokemon Go (I still play.. almost level 30. Maybe you’ve seen me — I’m SuburbanCyclist). The good stuff.

I went out for cycling around 7:55 and came back around 10:10. I stopped once because my dad asked me if I wanted anything for breakfast so he could go get it so we could leave sooner. I told him I wanted two bacon, egg, and cheese bagel Sizzlis from Wawa and a can of Coke. I typically get two Sizzlis and eat them when I come back from cycling sessions (it’s an easy way to eat 800 calories really fast — if you’re into trying to get extra calories in). I ended up eating them in the car on the way up.

We got there. Guess what happened though. Our family wasn’t home! So, it felt like a wasted trip. What ended up happening is my dad started touring us through the city and showed us where his mother and rest of his family grew up in the area. My dad’s family can be traced back over a century in Pottsville. He was also born there. We also visited the cemeteries to visit the cousins and put wreaths on. I also got my case of Yuengling. That was brewed not long ago and located in a distributor a mile a way from the brewery. The place is simply called “Scanlan’s”. If you’re ever in the area, check them out. They have just about every brew that Yuengling makes. This whole process took like two hours. Then we headed home.

On the way back, we stopped at a diner in Reading. Really good food in there. I love diner food. It’s like my favorite. My usual go to at any diner is chicken parm. It’s almost impossible to mess up.. unless you burn the breading. They didn’t burn it. It was fantastic.

Now, I’m home.. and weirdly kind of hungry despite a big dinner. I’ll probably get like ice cream or something. Or maybe a hoagie. And a beer. I just got my case of Yuengling, so there will definitely be beer involved.




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