What do I do?

If you’ve read my last post, I mentioned the girl who I said is girlfriend worthy. She is. Seriously.

But it got a little weird for me during class yesterday. I was messing around and joking with her like I usually do because that’s how I am.

Out of nowhere, she says in this kind of calm yet scared voice, “You know, I love you”. I had no idea what to say to that so I went with “awwww” in the most sincere way possible. I couldn’t say “I love you” back because I don’t feel that way about her and look at her as just a friend. A kind of close friend. But still a friend.

I know she’s got some real feelings in there because she lays her head on my shoulder during class and she touches me a bit. Nothing inappropriate for school but she does. I definitely think it’s out of her comfort zone though because she’s a very shy person in general.

I’m still trying to figure out why she likes me. I’m sarcastic. I swear too much around her. I’m never serious. I’ve been really open with her about my past and stuff I still do. With all that stuff together, I think it’s a horrible combination of things.

I think about asking her out but at the same time realize she’s still a teenager and I’m almost 23. I’d never get to take her places I like to go because she’s underage.


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