Being yourself.

It’s such a simple thought but why is being yourself so hard to grasp as a concept?

I think it’s something that’s gotten more and more lost in time especially in the world we live in now where so many people become fake to be received better. It’s in the same neighborhood as kids getting participation trophies so nobody gets upset at the concept of losing.

I’ve never been fake. What I have been is not as open. What I displayed of myself was authentically me but it wasn’t all of me. What people find out about me in time is that.. behind the ruggedness, rough edges, and bit of a rebel mentality that I grew out of as I got older.. I am a very soft person. People have worn me down over time and it’s stuck with me. Because of that I am a bit of a softy. The softness doesn’t peek out very often though. When it comes out it is only around friends I’ve known a very long time or girls I’m trying to get closer with.

I got fed up with a lot of things and it’s become very important that I remain genuine and naturally me at all times. Some people love it. Some people hate it. At least I admit that I’m furthest thing from perfect and don’t try and hide it.

A little story: I met this girl earlier this semester. She’s in one of my classes but is a good bit younger than me (it’s an elective class). She’s super shy but super sweet. I got her to not shy away. She got me to be emotionally soft around her when we hang out. She’s girlfriend worthy all the way but the age difference is a problem along with her not liking to go out and me loving to go out. We got super close because I’m always me around her even if it’s a little weird at times.


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