Weirdness made me someone.

I thought about it last night and I woke up to write about it because I thought about it again but.. me being a little weird made me someone and gave me everything I have.

It goes back like eight years when I started cycling. The cycling itself isn’t weird. The way I do it and the concept behind it is a little strange and makes almost no sense but it gave me a platform to stand on and got my name and my face out in the community . That’s been going on for almost 75,000 miles and 2,000 sessions. I’d say it’s rather successful.

From that, I started running an archive that documented my progress but it eventually got me into blogging. My weird blogging about everything from my personal life to life observances was the driving force behind what got me my current job.

I started hanging out with the art students when I was still in community college. They taught me that being weird is what makes somebody truly unique. There’s too many carbon copies in the world that people lose their originality. The weirdness eventually found loudness. But, loudness is a story for a different day.


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