The water guy.

A guy who works for the water company has come to visit me when I cycle since either the first or second campaign (I’m up to the ninth campaign). So, he more than most people knows the story and how I developed my whole cycling gig over the years. I think with him though is that he could see the changes in me more clearly because he only sees me once every few months. I saw him a few days ago, but before that the last time I saw him was around Thanksgiving.

Every time he stops by to see me, we talk for about ten minutes and catch up on things. He can hear the music through my earbuds and asks what song or band it is if he doesn’t recognize it.  Every time he leaves he says something like “See you soon, brother”. He’s a really nice guy. He’s tried to get into the fitness world for the last few years and asks me tips for what I did when I was starting out. He was successful for a while and lost a decent amount of weight. However, he ended up wearing out his knees from being a caterer when he was younger, had to get some surgery done, and it wasn’t done right. After the bad surgery, he wasn’t able to do cardio very well and like me, it was his primary way of fitness. He’s also an older guy too and that could also be slowing him down a little bit.

When he talked to me a few days ago, he asked me a question and it was “How much do you weigh now?”. It’s not something I know off hand because I don’t actively weigh myself anymore. I take measurements every so often instead. So, I told him the weight I was given when I went to the doctors a few months ago and I was in the low 160s then. I’m assuming not much has changed because all my clothes fit the same. After I told him what I weighed he said “There’s no way that you weigh that much”. I explained to him that it’s all lower body. While my upper body is very small for a grown man, my legs are very built up from the near 75,000 miles of cycling they’ve seen over eight years. My legs are so built that they tears the seams of my pants and prevent me from wearing a lot of the pants that I own.

Story time: one thing with him is that he is one of the people who saw me bottom out in 2011 when I weighed about 115 pounds and had lost a lot of the muscle in my legs at that time. He knows that I’ve weighed that little at one point or another and also knows that I’ve dealt with anorexia at various points in my cycling career. Although, if you know me personally.. you know that I’ve dealt with it on and off for the last six years. With the amount of miles that I do in a day (42, 46 every fifth day), it sometimes becomes very difficult for me to get enough calories to maintain myself. From my understanding, for every mile cycled 35 calories are burned. If that’s true, it means that 1,470 calories are burned per session. From 2012-2015, I ate over 4,000 calories per day to maintain myself. Because I was getting smaller and losing weight towards the end of 2015, I started eating over 5,000 calories a day (if I could reach it). It sounds like a dream, but it literally becomes hell after a while because you know you’ve gotta eat something dense in calories but can’t find it. Some nights, I have to go to empty calories like liquor because I couldn’t get enough calories for the day. Because of that, it’s how I’ve never completely beaten anorexia. I’ve been called “recovered” by my doctors twice. I think that’s crap because I drop weight pretty quickly if I don’t eat well for a week or two. With people who know my history, it’s a concern for some people because they don’t know if I’m having a difficulty or if I’m okay.

He thought I looked smaller than usual and seemed concerned. He thought that I only weighed in the 130s and thought that I was in trouble. I told him I was alright but in honesty, I don’t know. I don’t weigh myself or anything.


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