Philly’s Tattoo Convention.

Last weekend, Rob, Steph, their three friends, and myself clown carred our way into Philly in a little BMW. While it was super uncomfortable to ride in the middle it was worth the trip.

I took so many business cards and so many stickers. I also got a few pins. I some how managed to fit a few handfuls of cards, stickers, and pins in the pocket of my rug. It was an all afternoon event and it was so cool. You can see that the tattoo artists invest in their business with business cards because they’re so customized and authentic.

I currently have no tattoos but do intend on getting one relatively soon. I showed my idea to a couple of the artists when I was talking to them and they thought it was pretty cool. The tattoo I want is of Roy Lichtenstein’s “M-Maybe” girl. It’s my favorite painting of all time and I think it would make a sick tattoo. There is still the debate on whether or not I would get the Benday dots.

I didn’t go to the convention for a tattoo. I went to go talk to the artists. They came from everywhere from minutes away to all the way out in San Diego. Hearing their stories about why they became artists was inspiring and what they’ve created is equally inspiring. The guy from San Diego did Jeff’s Sailor Jerry pin up tattoo. It was so nice looking with great color. She got like a six pack thing going too.

When you go to events like these, you know you’re going to meet some unique people. How unique and the stories you get to hear are up to you to find out. I met quite a few. I didn’t know people followed these conventions around like people follow bands.

We drank Sailor Jerry’s for a good part of the afternoon. We then drank Blackcraft whiskey. If you got a drink, you could redeem a free shirt. It’s this black shirt that says “Party with the reaper” on the front and “Blackcraft Whiskey” on the back. It’s a cozy shirt for being free and I’ve already worn it twice under my flannels.

It was a full weekend and I ended up getting pretty sick by the end. I’m still nursing my cold from the week but it hasn’t stopped me from doing very much. It did stop me from going out last Saturday night though.


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