Every few days.

It’s like 1 am and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d write.

Every few days she tries to patch things up with me even though she openly admits to cheating on me throughout the relationship because a) she wanted to break us up, b) she admitted to being unhappy because she was settled, and c) she didn’t want anything serious.

She tells me that I should forgive her because she continuously apologizes to me for what she did and that I should be her friend again.. but all of me isn’t for that.

We were friends for five freaking years. I thought there would be some kind of loyalty and respect there because of how close we had gotten as friends. I was totally wrong on this.

Over the weekend, she had contacted me asking me if I had interest in dating her again. It was an automatic no.

Her birthday is today. I’m giving her nothing and doing nothing. She wanted a “happy birthday” from me and asked me if I would give her one through text. She’s not getting it. I’m giving nothing to the person who’s hurt me more than anyone else.

I’m at that point where I’ve moved on and accepted the fate. I don’t want anything from her or any affiliation. I’m not accepting any apology and I can’t be bought as a friend. I’ve been telling her every time she tries to apologize that if she was unhappy that she didn’t have to continuously cheat on me with different guys and she could have just broken it off telling me she was unhappy. While I would have initially been upset, it would have blown over and we would still be friends.



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