How living in the art community despite being a business major defined me.

When I was nineteen, I went from being an English major to a Business major. Despite my major change, I did not affiliate with the business department and to this day still don’t outside of taking the classes.

I had this one art history class. It covered over 1900 years of art. Because of that class, I had to go to the art wing of my then college to get there. I didn’t like most of the stuff in that class (I dominantly prefer modern art and artists such as Lichtenstein, Warhol, and Basquiat), but I loved the people in that class and most of them were actual art majors and not required to take it like I was.

In my free time, I would often hang out in the studios and watch people paint and occasionally talk to them. I was super awkward when I was nineteen.. so it’s as awkward as it sounds. Now I’m an amateur painter and I think most of my work isn’t good but the concept and content is great. But, it was because of those people that I wanted to get involved in the art community and just live that whole indie lifestyle.

Living in the art community gave me a lot of things and made me who I am now.

Here’s what it did:

  • It made me very open-minded – Pre-2013, I was a very closed-minded person. If it wasn’t my way, it was wrong. You weren’t going to win. Spending time in the community made me very open-minded about everything. I listen and think about a person’s reasoning for anything, and I will consider it. Sometimes, someone blows my mind so much it changes my feelings about a particular thing.
  • It made me a very open person –  This happened in like 2015 but..  until I was about 21, I was a very closed off person. Nobody really knew much about me and I was an outcast because I never, ever opened up. My art friends got me to really open up and talk about things.
  • It made me a social butterfly of sorts –  The quiet me existed in full until almost 2016. My arties got me loud and able to roam with people and really socialize about whatever.
  • It gave me a style –  I mean.. more than half the time I look like I was ripped straight out of the Seattle grunge scene of the early ’90s, but hey. I got a style. With my flannel shirt, corduroy jacket, and ripped jeans.. I have an image that makes me distinctly recognizable.
  • It made me very relaxed – When I was younger, I was so uptight and formal about everything. Now, when you’re greeted by me, you get a “Hey, man. How’s it going?” no matter how long we’ve been friends or if you’re a guy or a girl.
  • It made me happy – I was constantly depressed and even up until I was 21 and I transferred to a new college. The new school and the people I met through the art community made me a very happy person.
  • It got me over the hate I had with my body image – Alright, so, I was the former fat kid and while just about all of my excess skin from that time is gone. There’s a little there still. However, I am known for having nice legs and more importantly a nice butt. Someone suggested I model my bottom half only and that’s exactly what I did. I modeled jeans, without pants.. I did a lot when I was really into it. But, all the compliments I got for my body and what was seen got me to love myself and my body. I want to get back to modeling again very soon. I’ve missed it very much.

My arties, you’ve made me someone. You make me feel whole. I love you guys and our art experiences.


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